Why Sales?

Imagine sitting I a lecture for 3 to seven years racking up tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt, to not be guaranteed of a job when you finish.

I am thankful that many people take on this brave opportunity called university, otherwise we would not have doctors, lawyers etc. However who is teaching these people sales.

See everyone is in sales, the local doctor, to your coffee van business are all sales people. Every time you go for a job interview, you are selling your education and experience, every time you go on a date, you are selling your personality and who you are.

Selling is all around us, the old saying “Nothing Happens Until a Sales is Made” is so true. The roads we drive on, the paper we write on to the flowers we buy from a shop, think about all the personal involved to make this happen and all the selling transaction that have taken place for you.

Children are selling.. and they don’t take no for an answer, so if we are all in sales, why do so many people believe they are not?

In my experience people do not believe they are in sales for many reason, some people are embarrassed to say they are in sales, some people do not want to be sold anything so they definitely could not be in sales and in a lot of cases they associate sales with a monetary transaction.

However, what would happen if you had advanced sales training and you were able to network better, you could nail that interview so you were able to have your dream career, or even you could negotiate better when you brought your house and saved thousands of dollars. What would your life be like, what opportunities would come your way.

Selling is in everyday life and everyone needs to learn and understand this skill. If you want to have more opportunities and you want to have more wealth then you should contact Wes York.


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