The Future is in Referrals



Wow, long gone are the days where you could continue sell new clients and not ask for a referral. As competition increases and the internet has broken most international boarders, the value of long term relationships and referrals are the future of any business.

Compulsion – Do you have it?




Why is being successful so important? Why is making money a critical component of life? It is so easy to make excuses and it is so easy to let someone else do the hard work. To b truly successful, and success comes in in many forms you need to be compulsive.

Success, what is it?




I recently did an interview with one on Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, Karen Theohares.  She is the CEO of one of Brisbane’s leading telemarketing organisations and  it was great to hear what she had to say about sales and success.

Why Sales?



Imagine sitting in a lecture for 3 to seven years racking up tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt, to not be guaranteed of a job when you finish.

How To Build A Massive Business Empire



Ever wondered how some people have great strong businesses and others don’t.  This is an amazing podcast that will challenge your thoughts and explain why people fail in business.  Tips and strategies are all the way through this podcast to make you successful in business.