Are you a COACH? – Wes York Interview by Tracy Wilson

Are you thinking of becoming a business, sales, motivation coach? If you are then you need to make sure that you have looked at all avenues of your business. Over the last few years there have been more coaches go into business than grapes turned into sultanas.

With increased competition you need to make sure that you stand out above the crowd and that you secure your client base.

Throughout the interview with Tracey I explained that there were some strategies that coaches need to look at to enhance their business.

  • You need to make sure that you find out what is the dominant reason your client or potential client needs are. Everyone has a reason why they get out of bed, is their family, wealth, success, social status. If you are not looking to understand what motivates your client then you will never win as much business as you should and you will be a coach that consistently is struggling.
  • Another area that coaches need to focus on is that they start selling their services far to early in the sales process. When you look at your selling process your should spend at least 50% of the time discovering your clients needs and wants. Too many times when a coach is with a potential client they start to sell what they do without getting enough information to actually deliver a great sales pitch. How much time do you spend fact finding and do you talk about what you do through this process?
  • To go one step further on the above point, you need to make sure you agitate or develop a problem before you share your solution. Remember people buy solutions to problems, so have you created one? Again many coaches start to explain their solution before they have really developed this critical issue.
  • Lastly we talked about that everyone in their organisation needs to know how to sell. The communication needs to be consistent and that everyone needs to know how to close a sale. To many coaches employ a friend or a partner and never give them any selling skills.

To listen to the full interview go to the podcast and enjoy the information.

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