How To Effectively Train Your Staff

Do you ever train your staff below you? There is no doubt in saying that effective training can increase productivity, enhance closure rates and develop rapport with a client much quicker within the sales industry. Though 46% of managers and team leaders think they don’t adequately train their staff, and their results are sure to

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Success, what is it?

I recently did an interview with one on Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, Karen Theohares. She is the CEO of one of Brisbane’s leading telemarketing organisations and it was great to hear what she had to say about sales and success. Success comes in all different forms, and many people want to become successful, yet they don’t

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Transform Yourself 2X

Do you want to double your income, well how about we double your entire life, and then we double it again. The Transform Yourself 2X is all about making sure that everything we do we are doubling it. The more times we can double ourselves in our life the more successful we will become. You

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