Wes York’s Messages

In today's competitive environment it is more important than ever to gain that edge over your direct and indirect competitors.

I work with companies from small to multi nationals allowing their revenues and profits soar.

So many organisations spend money getting a great website, social media branding and even spending huge money on advertising, yet they lack the sales process to really capitalize on the inflow of revenues.

You can have all the technology in the world, however your organisation still needs comprehensive selling skills. Every business small or large always needs advanced training and up skilling in this area, especially if they want to dominate their industry.


Wes York’s Messages

Are your sales down on last year?

Have your budgets increased and you need a lift or are you having a large turn over of staff. There are a million reasons why you need Wes York to come to your organisation and work his magic. Wes has worked with organisations and you may have seen him being featured on CNN, ABC, FOX, Silicon Investor. He is an author to 3 books and has developed one of the worlds best online sales training programs, The Elite Sales Club.

Do you want Wes to come to your company here are some of his trainings:

  • Sales process and structure
  • Developing your next multi million dollar scrip workshop
  • Overcoming Objections Workshop
  • Closing and advanced closing workshop
  • Back to Basics Sales training
  • Motivation and empowerment
  • Manager accountability workshop
  • Create and Agitate the problem workshop
  • The art of Negotiating
  • Telephone sales workshop
  • Cold Calling workshop
  • The Fundamentals of sales
  • Transferring critical information workshop
  • How to conduct a sales meeting
  • And much more….

Wes York has been an international authority and he has stepped on many stages all around the world.  From Australia,  New Zealand, America, Thailand and while cruising around the Caribbean Wes has captivated audiences and shared his wealth of knowledge.

If you are looking for a vibrant speaker that will engage your audience then Wes York is your only choice.  He is motivating, entertaining and he is always able to get the audience involved and engaged. 

“Everyone needs to know how to sell, it does not matter what your work title is, the better you can sell the more opportunities you will get.  I love sharing my knowledge and have heaps of fun while I present.” 

In 2015 Wes York worked for the entire year developing one of the Worlds best online sales training program. He calls it The elite Sales Club. It has been recognised as transforming the sales industry through companies like CNN, FOX and ABC.

Organisations are taking a hold of the Elite Sales Club as the training can be learnt from anywhere, anytime. “It makes your staff accountable as you can see what they have been learning and they can even watch the training from their phones. They have no excuses now to educate themselves and increase their sales knowledge”

The Elite Sales Club is necessary for every organisation as it allows you to have expert sales training 7 days a week 365 days a year. You can also now get analytics behind your sales training so you can understand what your staff need help with. “We have been getting increases in companies revenues of over 40%, and that is for large organisations, not just a small organisation with small revenues”

So if you want to have a chat with Wes York about your next training, event or to implement the best online sales training contact him now.