8 Simple Ways To Maximise Your Weekly Productivity

These are my 8 steps which help maximise my productivity and achieve more each week. I am constantly looking at this and re-evaluating where I am heading to ensure that I am on the right track. You will begin to see a dramatic difference in your career, social life and personal success within a matter of days.

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  1. Monday
    • Ignore everything that is not important
    • It is better to focus on what really matters
    • This is especially important on a Monday when the previous week’s unprocessed stuff crashes down you
  2. Tuesday
    • Reward yourself constantly
    • Every tiny task that you finish, is an achievement
    • Do something nice for yourself every time you finish one of these tasks
    • This can be as simple as listening to music
  3. Wednesday
    • Negotiate the expandable
    • By now you will have some unprocessed stuff which needs to be re-evaluated if it is worth being done
    • ‘Talk’ with the task to see if it really needs to be done right now
  4. Thursday
    • Reuse previous processes
    • Have you done these things before?
    • How did you get them done last time?
    • Was it an effective process what you did previously?
    • Should it be done the same way this time?
  5. Friday
    • Ask for help
    • It is not beneficial from a productivity perspective to be a lone wolf
    • Fridays are excellent for this because you are tired and have less focus
    • It is also a great time for more social interaction
    • Isolate a task you know someone else might be doing better, and ask for their help
  6. Saturday
    • Switch workshops
    • You don’t have to work Saturdays
    • But because of the freedom you have you can travel
    • Short trips around town, new places, new people
    • This can be the same in the workplace
    • Work from a coffee shop or by the river for new inspiration
  7. Sunday
    • Change deadlines into livelines
    • Liveline implies it is not an end but a beginning
    • this type of fresh approach can clear your mind and give you a new ideology as to what you are doing
    • This is enlightening in every way, try it!
  8. Every day
    • Enjoy what you are doing
    • The people who dread what they are doing are the ones who give up
    • When you enjoy your work, you will work harder
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