4 Reasons why People Don’t take Opportunities

Many people seem to get given multiple opportunities, however they never seem to take a hold of them and make themselves successful. How many times in the last 6 months have you said any or all of the following statements?

• That person is so lucky
• I will start that tomorrow
• Why do they get given all the good opportunities?
• It’s too hard

These statements are common for many people, however they are also excuses that hinder the actual results that are needed to move you to a better outcome.

We all know people who seem to get given the opportunities and who always seem to be successful. We all know someone who seems to land that brilliant career, buys the house at a bargain price, drives a nice car and takes great holidays. So why does it happen to them and not you?

Below are 4 critical ways to help you take the opportunities that come your way and catapult your life to the next level.

1 Vision.
If you want to be successful, you need to be able to visualize yourself already there. When I do workshops I ask people, where do you want to be in 12 months time? The answers are very generic in most cases. Some of the answers that are given include, “I want a new house”, “I want more holidays, “I want to increase my income” etc. These answers are very general and very rarely drive you to achieve these goals. When I ask the next level question very few people can answer it with 100% clarity. The question is, “What does this look like and how does this feel?” Less than 5% of people in my workshops can actually answer this.

If you do not have strong clarity with your vision, what is going to happen when you hit a few road blocks. If you do not have a clear vision it is easy to procrastinate and you will never achieve your goals. When you think about all the people you know who are successful, they know exactly what they want and they know what it looks like. In just about all cases they do not know how they will get there, they just know how it looks when they do. The old saying is so right, you don’t have to know the how, you just need to know exactly what you want and why.

So if you want to be successful and you want to be the one taking advantage of opportunities understand your vision, have clarity on how it looks and how you will feel when you get it.

2 Circle of Influence
You are the average of your 5 closest friends. We are so affected by the people who we spend the most time with that we need to have a look at who that is. Now I am not saying to disregard your friends, I am saying you should be aware of what questions and advice you take and ask of the people you associate with. When you have a financial issue, who do you ask, when you have a business decision, who do you ask?

So many people will ask these type of questions to their circle of influence and those people are not educated enough to give you sound advice. In many cases they answer the questions in a negative way, which compounds and becomes your reality.

A vast majority of the population would rather talk about something negative than positive so you need to analyse where you want to go and who will actually help you get there.

Here’s a great way to find out if you have a strong circle of influence, you need to ask them how you can reach one of your main goals. For example if your goal is to purchase a jet plane, ask them how they would achieve this. If the answer is not positive then they have just told you where they sit in your circle of influence.

Successful people have a brilliant circle of influence. They have the right people to talk to for the right topics. It is not by chance that they get the opportunities and turn them into a success, they do it because they are ready, they do it because they get great advice and they become successful because they have people who also share the same vision.

3 Fear
Everyone in the world wakes up with the same obstacle, do they listen to the voice that says they can do something, or do they listen to the voice that says they cannot do something. Fear will kill any dreams that someone may have. Fear will destroy someone’s confidence and allow them to become a shell of the person they once were.

If we look at the first 2 points, this will help overcome any fear that you may have when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities. If you have a strong vision and you have a great circle of influence do you believe your fear will be reduced?

When you have the right people to talk to and they give you educated advice, taking opportunities and making them into a success become far easier than without a great circle of influence. When you have a strong vision and you hit a rough patch you will continue on your path and fulfil the opportunity given.

There is a reason why really successful people seem to be fearless. It is not because they don’t have any fear, they can manage it because they are confident in their surroundings. Make sure that your surroundings are equipping you for the future.

4 They Finish
How many times have you started something and stopped not long after? Have you started a diet and/or joined a gym? Successful people get paid to finish not to start. How many people do you know who get paid to start something and they don’t need to finish it?

When you get given an opportunity, you need to finish. Too many people hit a roadblock and stop. Why is this?

In many cases it is because their circle of influence told them to stop, its too hard, it is taking too much time. They also then give themselves reasons why it was never a real opportunity in the first place.

All the points above are the reasons why only a select few really take advantage of opportunities and turn them into million dollar successes. They have a vision so strong that no one will get in the way, they then find the people that will guide them, which reduces any fear. Once they have this in place it allows them to finish. Even when it gets tough and people are telling them to stop, they don’t listen as they have their game plan and they are able to overcome this and they finish.

If you want to be successful take note of the 4 points and start to put an action plan together for your future. Congratulations in advance and remember the only person that can change the present is you!

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